Don’t miss your chance to discover a driving force in progressive folk!

Le Vent du Nord captures the energy and mirth of a Saturday night kitchen party, infusing old Québec with a breath of fresh, cosmopolitan air. Since its founding in 2002, Le Vent du Nord has won critical acclaim and audience adoration across Europe and North America.
Le Vent du Nord brings everything you want from authentic Quebecois music. Gorgeous acapella songs? Check. Absolutely cracking dance tunes? Yep. Exuberant virtuosity? Mais oui. Its hard-driving, soulful sound features button accordion, guitar, and fiddle, but the hurdy-gurdy gives the group its “earthy, rough-hewn flavor” (Boston Herald). The group’s intense, joyful live performances are unforgettable.
Advance tickets at
$15 adults, $10 seniors and students, $5 kids 12 and under
At the door, $18 adults, $13 seniors/students, $5 kids